Welcome to Reggio Emilia  By

Welcome to Reggio Emilia


The citizens of Reggio Emilia are known for their cordiality and hospitality. It is always a pleasure to visit the city and the surrounding countryside and towns, which still show clear signs of the passage of history, wars, conquests and dominions.

If you are wondering what Reggio Emilia has to offer, then you should be interested in some of the historic, cultural, natural, and gastronomic itineraries that follow. The city and province are certainly not without attractions, including unique areas for art, culture, good food, and general good living. These range from the rocky peaks and green valleys of the Apennine mountains to the flat and foggy Po plain that slopes down to the great River Po, celebrated by Petrarch during his stay in the province for its “clear, fresh, and sweet waters”. The heroic gestures narrated by Ariosto, a taste of foaming red lambrusco in a wine cellar, a sumptuous plate of cured meat and gnocco fritto in a traditional restaurant, local Parmigiano Reggiano cheese flavoured with precious balsamic vinegar, the fortress where the heirs of the Boiardo family were born, the castle of the famous Countess Matilde di Canossa, the majestic and imposing Baroque Basilica of Ghiara, the beautiful city churches that impressed the Marquis de Sade on one of his journeys, the historic Sala del Tricolore where the Italian flag originated … reason enough to visit our region? Perhaps the words of Guido Piovene offer the right inspiration, “A hasty traveller risks passing straight through a certain city without even noticing it, Reggio Emilia, where we, instead, would choose to stop and spend long time.”