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Fattorie Canossa Bistrot


The Fattorie Canossa Bistrot was opened in November 2013 in the beautiful surroundings of one of the most popular squares in the historic center of Reggio Emilia – Piazza Fontanesi.

It was born from the desire and the passion of a group of young entrepreneurs who decided to undertake this adventure. They all have established an experience in the production and marketing of a range of local products in ” Canossa ” area all included in the brand Fattorie Canossa, as Parmigiano Reggiano DOP Vacche Rosse, Balsamic Vinegar and Parma Ham DOP.

In addition to meats, the highlight dish of the Bistrot is the braised pork cheeks and also all kinds of home-made pasta.

The menu always changes according to season, except for some dishes that reflect the tradition of Reggio Emilia and are available all year long. These are the details that always guarantee healthiness and a zero km kitchen.