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Pianderna Agriwellness

Pianderna Agriwellness stands in the foothills of Reggio Emilia at an altitude of about 300 metres, overlooking a breath-taking view of the plain. A true refuge from daily routine, the estate is located within a hunting reserve and encompasses 100 hectares of farmland, 38 hectares of woods, and four lakes for recreational fishing, making this a true paradise for those who wish to enjoy a day outdoors in the open air without compromising on the conveniences and well-being of a setting that offers all possible comforts.

Tenuta Pianderna is a place to rest, relax, and treat your palate, where it is possible to lose yourself in a natural landscape, spending your time amidst the fragrances and flavours of the earth. The sophistication of the setting further enhances simplicity of gestures and the rediscovery of tradition in an inebriating and suggestive blend.


The Restaurant is a haven of pleasure that will touch all your senses at once. Well-being attained by the tasting of traditional dishes will be the perfect enhancement to the beauty of nature that surrounds the Tenuta and serves as a background for activities that are only ostensibly sophisticated, but are actually rediscoveries of the pastimes of yesteryear.

Dining in the Pianderna Restaurant means savouring both old and new flavours in an absolutely modern and sophisticated setting while overlooking a breath-taking view of the plain.


Via Pianderna 9 – I 42019 Scandiano (RE)

Tel. +39 0522 851191 – Fax +39 0522 986621

E-mail: info@pianderna.it

Web site: www.pianderna.it